The American Legion Collection

Since 2005, my father and I have built the largest collection of National Convention memorabilia on the internet. It is constantly growing, and our aim is to produce a booklet for the 100th anniversary of the American Legion that will cover an extensive collection of National Convention items.

*The Gold Collection, is currently under construction until I can locate the files of all of the 10k and 14k pins and medals on a hard drive that I have collected over the years.

*The State Collection, is also currently under construction, as I need to sort through thousands of screen shots that I have taken on the internet of the course of the past 10 years. I am trying to document all of the convention medals from every state since 1919. Since this will be a never ending project, I am trying to create a system that people can email me photos to add to the list. Fifty states times 100 years is close to 5,000 images that I need to collect.

*Lastly, if you desire to collect American Legion items, please contact me as I am the largest collector and seller on eBay. I have duplicates of most years in our reserve collection. We are willing to trade as well.

*If you have anything concering the National Conventions that I do not currently have listed that you would be willing to donate or sell, please contact me, as it is our aim to have the largest collection of National Convention items in the world.

Thanks and enjoy!