Complete my M.A. in Higher Education Leadership at the University of San Diego and apply to PhD programs for either Higher Education or Leadership in the Southern California region. I want to return to working in higher education so that I can equip the next generation of students

I want to work towards the completion of my PhD or Ed.D in either Higher Education or Leadership Studies. I have a passion for serving students and equiping them with leadership skills that are are necessary in todays world. Using my background in higher education and the military, I will be able to design and implement programs that will provide eadership training from the best of both worlds. Whether it is with Residence Life, Veteran Affairs, Admissions or any other office on campus, it is my aim to search for methods to best engage and grow students of today.

Continue to hone my higher education leadership experience and look for opportunies to help institutions grow, mentor, and equip students at the director level and beyond.