• Garrison duties: Managed personnel security actions, to include security clearances and security violations for a unit of over 700 Soldiers. Conducted physical security inspections of unit arms rooms and classified storage containers, ensuring that all facilities were without faults and up to DoD standard. Organized initial, annual, and refresher training for Operations Security, Anti-Terrorism and Information Security for over 700 personnel, resulting in a fully mission capable unit.
  • Deployed duties: Provided the commander with all pertinent information on the battlefield regarding route statuses; Enemy dispositions and current threat patterns; terrain, weather, and civil considerations for the purpose of logistical convoy planning and aerial resupply in Afghanistan. Oversaw the intelligence collection for mission planning and briefings of 230 convoy logistical patrols, 60 catastrophic recoveries—all spanning 32,000 miles on supply routes.


Unit Status Report Officer, Primary
Operational Security Officer, Primary
Security Manager, Primary
Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Officer, Primary
Public Affairs Officer, Primary
Personal Recovery Officer, Primary

Staff Duty (Garrison):

I had a great three years as an intelligence officer in the United States Army. I am very proud to say that I have earned what is below:

Bronze Star Medal
Army Commendation Medal with one oak leaf
Army Achievement Medal with one oak leaf
National Defense Medal
Afghanistan Campaign Medal with two service stars
Global War on Terrorism Medal
Army Service Medal, Overseas Service medal with number 2
NATO International Assistance Security Force medal
Pathfinder Skill Badge
German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge— Gold


While training for our National Trainging Center (NTC) rotation, our Brigade held a digital war training exercise on base at Fort Wainwright. I was chosen as the "Hero of the Battle," out of the top 500 leaders that took part.